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This page is part of the California Department of Education (CDE) Web Design Standards, which only applies to specific CDE Web sites. Visit the CDE Web Standards to determine if these standards apply to a specific Web product (Web site, Web page, Web document, or Web application) that has been developed by or for the CDE.

Most Web pages (not including Web applications) on all CDE Web sites are created using Adobe's Contribute software templates. WebNETS, which is a custom software application that was created by CDE staff, is also necessary in order to create and process most Web pages on the CDE's public Internet site. Portions of these standards, where noted, apply only to CDE users of Contribute or WebNETS software; or to Web application developers.

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At the CDE, images are included on our Internet Web site and on our Intranet with a great deal of emphasis toward: professionalism, presentation, accessibility, relevance, legality, and ethics.


The only favicon that can be used for publicly available CDE Web sites is the black graduation cap favicon.

Usage of Proprietary Graphics

Occasionally, outside users of the CDE Web site request permission to use the Official California Department of Education Seal or other proprietary images on their Web sites. To reduce the risk that the Official California Department of Education Seal is used inappropriately, do not provide it or other CDE proprietary images to outside Web sites without the express permission of CDE Press.

For the Internet

Contribute Templates

Web Applications

For the Intranet

Department-wide Content

Division Content Areas

Web Applications

All Web Applications

Background images may be used in place of standard images with alternative text as long as text that is descriptive and equivalent is included in the body of the page or is available when cascading style sheets are disabled.

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